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Kidney Transplant Contradictions

Absolute Contraindications

It must be emphasized that these absolute contraindications should take into consideration the clinical context of the individual patients and must be re-evaluated at a later time based on the need.

1. Age greater than 75 years
2. Morbid obesity with BMI >= 45
3. Active untreated systemic infections
4. Chronic illness with life expectancy of less than one year
5. Active malignancies
6. HIV co-infection as stated in CTC HIV protocol/guideline

Relative Contraindications

These conditions are associated with suboptimal outcomes following transplantation. However, patients may still qualify for transplantation depending on the clinical context.

1. HIV infection with CD4 count < 200/microliter
2. Ongoing medical non-adherence to treatment
3. Inadequate financial resources
4. Uncorrectable coronary artery disease with significant dysfunction
5. LV ejection fraction of <20%
6. Active viral hepatitis with significant end stage organ injury
7. Active peptic ulcer disease
8. Poor functional status
9. Morbid obesity: BMI >= 38
10. Recent history of malignancies
11. Non-correctable pulmonary hypertension or significant chronic lung disease
12. Active alcohol or substance use disorder
13. Poorly controlled psychiatric illness

If you have any further questions regarding kidney transplant please discuss with your nephrologist.

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